• Pharma eDucation

In the conditions of tough competition and a lack of qualified resources in the market, the personnel training system allows to significantly reduce the cost of adaptation of new employees, improve the quality of service and is the key to the company's achievement of strategic goals, its competitiveness, as well as readiness for organizational changes.

Another target audience for the training organization can be doctors, employees of your partners, clients.

Pharma eDucation – is a service of distance learning organization designed for quality and continuous learning process.

It is not just a software product, but a turnkey service, which includes deployment, system setup, filling with your training materials and tests as well as setting up reports and training regulations. In addition, user access management and technical support are included.

  • Variety of training materials
    • Web pages
    • Video and Audio materials
    • Presentations: Power Point, Flash
    • Copies of printed media

  • Motivation and control of information assimilation
    • Tests for self-control
    • Thematic tasks
    • Control tests, with a time limit
    • Estimates

A reliable and user-friendly training platform increases employee loyalty and reduces student resistance. Allows you to focus on training materials rather than organizational shortcomings.