• Pharma HRM

Pharma HRM is a comprehensive CRM / ETMS class solution that allows to create a generalized ecosystem for the effective work of a pharmaceutical company in the areas of Sales, Marketing, Customer Communication, Data Analysis.

The main functionality of the system are:

  • Maintaining a customer database
  • Categorization of Clients
  • Management of the Territory of responsibility for Medical representatives
  • Sales and Marketing Management
  • Working Time Management
  • Business intelligence is always at hand, including plan-fact analysis, remains, potential and more.
  • Mobile version for iOs, Android, on-line web-application
  • Intelligent Communications and CLM Presentations
  • Automatic reporting for medical representatives
  • GPS monitoring

In addition to effective customer relationship management, the use of the system allows

  • Managers to define transparent and clear plans, objectively evaluate employees' work using a convenient system of tasks and powerful analytics based on QlikView.
  • Medical representatives focus on the implementation of the main tasks rather than mechanical reporting through intuitive planning and reporting tools.
  • Improve discipline and optimize planning with GPS route monitoring system.
  • Integrate the system with Proxima International products and services and get the benefits of GeoForce, MCM and Axioma to optimize territory management and extend communication channels with customers.

Currently, more than 100 market leaders are using PharmaHRM in 18 countries.